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5 Things That Impact Winch Pulling Power


Having the most powerful truck doesn’t guarantee you’ll be more capable off-road. The same goes for having the biggest or best winch. It all comes down to how you use it. Winches are arguably the most essential off-roading accessory, but understanding how to use them is key to maximizing their effectiveness and your safety. This…


Recovery Troubleshooting Guide

off-road recovery

The best off-roading adventures are often ones that deliver a challenging yet manageable experience. Finding that balance can be tricky, as equipment issues and weather conditions can quickly turn an easy trail into a tough one. So, whether you are an experienced off-roader or planning your first trip, getting stuck is just part of the…


Synthetic Vs Steel Winch Rope – Which Is Better?

steel winch rope

The off-roading industry is a big one. In 2022, the off-road vehicle market was valued at $10 billion, with most projections doubling that figure by the end of the decade. The off-roading parts and accessories market is growing exponentially, too, and winches are one of the most popular items on sale today. But what really…


The Benefits Of Adding A Winch To Your Bumper

Considering a winch for your off-road build? In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of adding a winch to your bumper or upgrading to a bumper that has a winch. Why Would You Need A Winch? Most casual off-roaders already have a strap or rope to get out of a tight spot. So why spend extra…


Our Favorite Off-Road Recovery Gear

It’s always a good idea to prepare your truck for off-roading with LED lights, running boards, and bull bars. But don’t forget to add some recovery gear, too. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck because you didn’t arrive prepared for the challenge. In this blog, we look at some of our favorite off-road recovery gear…


What Size Winch Do I Need?

Bigger is always better, right? When it comes to winches, that’s not always the case. Here, it’s best to use a bit of science before you pick the right one. In this blog, we look into just how to determine which size winch is best suited to you and your rig. Why Does Winch Size…


Why You Should Add An Aftermarket Bumper To Your Jeep

Jeeps are naturally capable off-roaders. But a Jeep can do so much more with the right upgrades and accessories. At Superwinch all our products are engineered for enthusiasts like you. Read on to learn why a winch-ready aftermarket bumper is the perfect upgrade for your Jeep. Why Add An Aftermarket Bumper To Your Jeep? Do you…


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