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Never Get Stranded With The Superwinch Winch2Go

Sometimes, you need a winch, and the one on your truck or ATV is just too inconvenient or difficult to reach. Or, you may not have a mounted winch on your rig and prefer to keep a winch on hand for emergencies only. That’s where the Superwinch Winch2Go comes in. This “Winch In A Box” is…


Heavy Duty Winching Made Easy: The Superwinch Tiger Shark Series

Heavy loads demand the strongest of winches. Let’s all say it together: It’s better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Tiger Shark winches from Superwinch are the heavy-duty equipment you need to handle big loads and get the job done. Tiger Shark series winches are engineered for a wide variety of jobs and applications. Their highly dependable and…


The First Upgrade Your ATV/UTV Needs: The Superwinch Terra Series Winch

Calling all ATV/UTV enthusiasts…this winch is for you. The Superwinch Terra Series recovery winch is custom made for the power sports world. It offers the lower AMP draw and fast line speeds you want. The Terra Series winches are outfitted with stronger permanent magnet motors, beefed-up drums, and a choice of durable wire or synthetic rope. Available with 2,500,…


The Superwinch S Series – Our Most Powerful Trailer Winch

The Superwinch S Series is a great choice for all your trailer winching needs. Rated for 5,500 or 7,500 pounds, it combines lots of strength and capability with the features and reliability that Superwinch is known for. S Series winches are equipped with a 3.6 horsepower sealed permanent magnet motor. They also include features like steel cut gears, stainless…


Features Of The Superwinch LT And UT Series Winches

Built for work and play, the LT and UT Series Winches from Superwinch provide up to 4,000 lbs of reliable pulling power in a small package. These compact utility/multi-purpose winches are equipped with free spooling “pull and turn” clutches, making them ideal for a variety of uses. This LT winch series is a favorite of ATV/UTV enthusiasts, and for good reason.…


Upgrade Your ATV/UTV With A SP Series Winch

If you’re looking for a winch designed exclusively for ATV and UTV off-road vehicles, check out the Superwinch SP Series. Like all Superwinches, the SP Series is designed for serious off-roading. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, they are up for whatever you throw at them, including mud, snow, sand, rough trails, and more. The…


The Trail-Worthy SX Series From Superwinch

SX winches

Hit the trail with confidence with the SX Series winch from Superwinch! Based on the vaunted performance of our Tiger Shark Series, the SX Series is tough and capable of getting you out of tight spots. We’ve thoroughly modernized the Tiger Shark’s architecture to provide the power, speed, and innovation demanded by today’s off-roading enthusiasts.…


Get To Know The Superwinch AC Series

If you need a winch but don’t have a 12v battery in that location, the Superwinch AC series has you covered. Whether you need a winch for your shop, garage, or other location and AC power is the only option, the AC Series provides superior pulling power with its strong, reliable 1.1 horsepower permanent magnet…


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