Why You Should Add An Aftermarket Bumper To Your Jeep

Jeeps are naturally capable off-roaders. But a Jeep can do so much more with the right upgrades and accessories. At Superwinch all our products are engineered for enthusiasts like you. Read on to learn why a winch-ready aftermarket bumper is the perfect upgrade for your Jeep.

Why Add An Aftermarket Bumper To Your Jeep?

Do you need improved off-road protection? A solid mounting point to install a winch? Or do you simply want to enhance the look of your Jeep? High-quality aftermarket bumpers (like those designed by Westin Automotive) offer many features and benefits:

  • Enhanced off-road protection
  • Strong and capable winch mounting points
  • Provide extra recovery points
  • Offer a space to mount extra LED lights
  • Increase tire clearance
  • Enhance your Jeep’s look

Standard Jeep bumpers are not always designed with off-roading or winch mounting in mind. Most are made from either aluminum or plastic. You need something a lot tougher than that when it comes time for recovery.

Westin Automotive Jeep bumpers all have a 3/16-inch plate steel construction. This makes them extremely tough, which offers you more protection. They also offer extra recovery points – essential on tough off-road trails.

When upgrading your Jeep bumper, you should opt for a bumper with integrated winch mounting points. These will allow airflow to the radiator at all times. Depending on the bumper design, you can also choose one that will increase your front tire clearance. Perfect for overcoming large obstacles on the trail. Our selection of Jeep winches (check them out here) offers many options for outfitting your Jeep with the perfect winch.

Which Aftermarket Bumper Will Suit You Best?

When it comes to Jeep bumpers, you have options. Yo may choose to add an aftermarket front bumper alone, or both a front an rear bumper. You’ll need to decide what’s best depending oh how you use your off-roader. Front bumpers can offer:

  • Integrated bull bars
  • Full width or stubby coverage
  • Integrated LED Light bar mounts
  • Integrated winch mounts

A rear bumper upgrade is another consideration for Jeep owners. If you’re considering a rear bumper, look for one with:

  • Clear, integrated jack points
  • A tire carrier – or – the ability to add a tire carrier

We recommend Westin Automotive bumpers because they’re made from high-quality steel and have a simple bolt-on installation. Front bumpers offer integrated winch installation and you can find a huge selection of Superwinch winches to pair with your Westin jeep bumper here. Both front and rear bumpers offer extra off-road jack points. And every Westin bumper comes with all required hardware and installation instructions.

Add A Superwinch Winch To Your Westin Bumper Today

Superwinch is proud to partner with Westin Automotive in offering high-quality aftermarket products for auto enthusiasts. The vast inventory of Superwinch and Westin products include winches, bull bars, bumpers, and toolboxes. We offer off-road accessories for a wide range of trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Superwinch products are built to the highest standard and are covered by a comprehensive warranty policy

Enhance the capability of your off-roader and upgrade your Jeep bumper today. And while you’re at it, add a Superwinch winch and be ready for anything the trail throws at you.

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