Superwinch At The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2024

Check out the excitement at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. This festival is held annually in June in Butler, Pennsylvania. The festival features a bustling downtown filled with a variety of Jeeps, many equipped with Superwinch winches. The event captures the essence of Jeep culture. You can explore numerous builds on display, uniques vendors and wares, and enthusiastic Jeep lovers while viewing these awesome off-roaders. We joined the excitement with our Jeep Gladiator build in tow. Check out the 3 days of fun:

The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is an annual event that honors the birthplace of the Jeep in Butler, Pennsylvania. It offers Jeep enthusiasts a chance to showcase their ride, participate in off-road trails, and enjoy a weekend of Jeep-related activities. We’re proud to see Superwinch winches prominently featured on several of these rigs. The rugged and reliable nature of Superwinch winches make them a top pick among Jeep owners. There’s nothin’ like seeing a Superwinch in action!

“It’s madness – tons of Jeeps, tons of people, we’re trying to make our way through the crowd!”

Overall, this festival is a testament to the enduring legacy and community spirit surrounding the Jeep brand, making it a must-visit for Jeep fans and owners. Check it out yourself in 2025!

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