How Do I Clock The Gearbox Or Re-Locate My Winch Plate?

Optimizing your vehicle for winching off-road often requires more than just basic modifications. Our latest video series explores a few essential modifications:

  • Clocking the Gearbox
  • Installing a Winch Tray
  • Relocating the Winch Plate

These adjustments not only improve the performance of your winch but the functionality of your vehicle. Check out the info below to see how you can do these winch accessory upgrades yourself.

What Is Gearbox Clocking And Why Do It?

Clocking the gearbox involves adjusting the position of the winch’s gearbox to better align with your vehicle’s bumper or winch mounting point. There are a few reasons to clock your winch’s gearbox, including:

  • The winch doesn’t quite fit your winch bumper.
  • Your clutch lever is in an awkward location and could be better positioned. 
  • Your clutch lever, gearbox, or motor terminals are in a less-than-optimal position.

Gearbox clocking is not a difficult job on any Superwinch. In addition to this video, we provide instructions as part of the installation guide for your Superwinch. 

Clocking the gearbox isn’t just about fitting it in; it’s about optimizing your vehicle’s anatomy for unbeatable performance off-road.”

Cameron, Superwinch

How To Install A Winch Tray

Winch trays provide a sturdy platform to mount a winch to your existing bumper. Our trays are ideal for mounting a Superwinch because they are constructed of heavy-weight steel and include pre-drilled holes for easy installation of your winch and fairlead.

The above video shows how to install a Westin | Superwinch Max Winch Tray on a Toyota Tacoma in just a few steps. 

Installing A Winch Tray Or Plate Relocator

If you need to keep your front license plate mounted but the winch blocks its view or requires you to relocate it, a universal Winch Tray License Plate Relocator will solve the problem, and it looks great doing it. This part mounts directly to your winch tray and takes just a few minutes to mount. Plus, the hinged, flip-up design allows you to easily move the license plate out of the way whenever you need access to your Superwinch. 

About Superwinch

Thanks to our partnership with Westin Automotive, we can offer a wide range of products and accessories that make installing the right winch easier than ever. That’s why, after 40 years, we’re still one of the leading manufacturers of quality off-road, automotive, and utility winching products developed and tested in the USA. 

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